Component Capture Card HD AV Grabber Empia 28285
NEW PRODUCT: USB 2.0 YPbPr Component Video Capture Card HD AV Grabber


1. EasyCap DC60+ v3.1C
2. EzCap DC60+ v3.1C
3. EzCAP116
4. EzCAP116 Gamer Pack
5. Component Capture Card
6. EasyCap DC60+ v3.1C
+ VideoGlide license for Mac

7. VideoGlide license key
8. Easycap DC60
9. Dazzle for Mac
10. Lot of 4pcs EasyCap DC60+
Q: Do You have 64bit drivers?
A: Yes - links are in the Forum:

Q: My EasyCap installation
CD is broken - I do have
the drivers, but from where
I can get the software?

A: I have a download link for
Ulead VideoStudio 10 here:
Ulead VS10

Think twice from where You buy
Your Easycap/EzCAP - there is
many copymakers in China for
EasyCaps/EzCAPs and the cheapest one is always more likely also fake one. Fake product can look like an original, but quality is in most case very bad and it can go broken easily. Besides that the components inside the main unit can be totally different and the quality of the video and audio is much worse than in genuine device.

EasyCap DC60+ & EzCap116
supports PAL60 and NTSC-433
and so every 60Hz games
comes out with full colors
- basic EasyCap DC60 doesn't
support these formats and
so 60Hz games are only with
black and white colors.

We have here 4 testing comps:
Intel 3,16GHz/4GB/64bit Vista
Amd 2,5GHz/4GB/64bit Win7
Amd 2,2GHz/1GB/32bit WinXP
Macbook 2,0GHz/2GB/10.7.4

You can pay via Paypal with
credit or debit card even if
You don't have a Paypal account. TUTORIAL

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 EasyCap DC60+ and EzCAP116 Free drivers
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EasycapExpertti is a special eShop for capturing video and audio - here is the most
easiest USB 2.0 capture adapters to use + the most common accessories for them.
Solutions for both Windows and Mac users.

All the prices are including shipping worldwide and if the value is over 15USD
Your order will be sent by registered airmail and You will get the tracking number via email.

I am also a Nokia phones collector and if You have 1 or more old Nokia phones, so send them
to me and I will pay Your post costs and give some discount if You'll buy something from my store.

Feedback from my customer in my Facebook site 31 August 2011 at 16:59:
"This guy is an absolute gent. I purchased an EasyCap DC60+ off him some time ago, on ebay.
To this day, if I'm stuck with driver issues etc (I use Win7 x64) he goes the extra mile to help out.
Best purchase I ever made.

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With EasyCap video capturing devices You can for example:


USB 2.0 YPbPr Video Capture Card HD AV Grabber

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