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Freeware Video Capture Softwares

Freeware Video Capture Softwares and Codecs


AmCAP v9.20 (both 32&64bit):

AmarecTV Ver2.10b (both 32&64bit):

Debut 1.63 (both 32&64bit Windows):
Debut for Mac

Windows MovieMaker 2.1 (both 32&64bit WinXP):
It is in Finnish language, but You can download a language pack from here:
The following MUI packages are available for download:
    mm21_muiARA - Arabic
    mm21_muiCHS - Chinese Simplified
    mm21_muiCHT - Chinese Traditional
    mm21_muiCSY - Czech
    mm21_muiDAN - Danish
    mm21_muiNLD - Dutch
    mm21_muiFIN - Finnish
    mm21_muiFRA - French
    mm21_muiDEU - German
    mm21_muiELL - Greek
    mm21_muiHEB - Hebrew
    mm21_muiHUN - Hungarian
    mm21_muiITA - Italian
    mm21_muiJPN - Japanese
    mm21_muiKOR - Korean
    mm21_muiNOR - Norwegian
    mm21_muiPLK - Polish
    mm21_muiPTB - Portuguese (Brazil)
    mm21_muiPTG - Portuguese (Portugal)
    mm21_muiRUS - Russian
    mm21_muiSKY - Slovak
    mm21_muiSLV - Slovenian
    mm21_muiESN - Spanish
    mm21_muiSVE - Swedish
    mm21_muiTRK - Turkish
How to get Windows Movie Maker 2.1 to work with Vista and Windows 7:

VirtualDub 32bit (works also in 64bit Windows):
VirtualDub 64bit:

VirtualDub tutorial:

Golden Videos (both 32&64bit):

CaptureFlux 32bit:

iSpy (both 32&64bit):

iSpy security cam software supports multible devices with motion and audio detection.
Here it is a photo of its main page when testing it with 3pcs EzCAP DC60+ v3.1C
devices with 64bit Win7:

Codecs for Windows:

FFDShow codecs:

UT codecs (lossless)

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