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Nokia 808 Tips

Tips for getting phenomenal music video footage
with Nokia 808 PureView

by EasycapExpertti

1. Watch out that You do not cover the microphone holes with Your hands.
- The 808 has 2pcs mics - 1 on the left short side and 1 on the right short side.

Source: (red color arrows and text added by EasycapExpertti)

2. Use tripod or hand-held camera stabilizer if possible

Handheld mount/tripod:

You can buy it from EasycapExpertti Online Store:

Here is a good example of Nokia 808 music footage when using tripod:

Source by 

More Nokia 808 music footage on my blog:

3. Do not try to change focus if You move and don't use CAF

- stop moving Yourself and the phone and adjust focus and zoom after that

- it is not recommended to use CAF (Continous Automatic Focus) at music concerts -> put CAF always OFF and use mostly either Sport scene mode or Spotlight scene mode

- here is a sample video where is used spotlight scene mode, because there was 4pcs very bright spotlights at both sides of front part of the stage:

4. Do not make music footage over 50meters away from the stage 

- go as near as possible from the stage 

- audio will record well also over 50m from the stage but the video quality can't be good if the lighting conditions are not optimal

For recording videos, there are five scene modes - use spotlight mode if the performer is under bright spotlights


Uses Automatic exposure, focus, white balance, face detection, and ISO sensitivity. Compared to the Automatic shooting mode, the colours are slightly less saturated.

Low light

This is dedicated for recording videos in low-light and dark conditions. The video light is switched on. The frame rate is 15 fps.


The focus is fixed on hyperfocal distance, that is, you get the best focus from a few meters onwards. This mode is not suitable for close-up video.


Negative exposure compensation (EV) is used. This mode is best suited to conditions with great contrasts, such as a concert, where the performer is under spotlights, in front of a dark background.


Use this mode to get good photos in very white and bright snowy view. In this mode the settings are similar to the automatic mode, but with increased exposure value, having some positive exposure compensation (EV).


6. A focus mode defines how the camera focuses to your target. There are four focus modes in your phone camera:


Use the infinity focus mode when you want to get sharp photos of very distant objects. This is mostly used for landscape photos. An additional benefit with this is that there is no latency as there is in autofocus. This focus mode can only be used in taking photos.

Low light

This is dedicated for recording videos in low-light and dark conditions. The video light is switched on. The frame rate is 15 fps.

Hyperfocal (HF)

Use hyperfocal focus to get the maximum depth of field (DOF), that is, to get the objects sharp starting from some meters up to far distances. For example, you might want to take a photo or record a video through a bus window. With hyperfocal focus you can avoid the camera focusing to the bus window. Another benefit with this focus mode is that there is no autofocus latency, which is an advantage when taking sports or action photos. You might want to use hyperfocal focus in specific cases, as focus is kept stable all the time. Hyperfocal focus is not suitable for close-up photos or videos.


In close-up focus mode the autofocus is adjusted for short distances (~15 cm – 50 cm). When you want the best possible performance on short distances, and you plan to shoot a set of close-up photos, use this focus mode. For recording videos with this focus mode, continuous autofocus (CAF) works for distances from ~15 cm to 80 cm.


For most photos and videos, the automatic focus mode works very well, if you do not want to adjust anything. When taking photos with the camera key, autofocus works on distance range from ~25 cm to infinity, throughout the zoom range. Touch focus works on full distance range, that is, from ~15 cm to infinity, throughout the zoom range as well. When recording videos with the automatic mode, continuous autofocus (CAF) works for distances from ~50 cm to infinity.

To change the focus mode when recording videos, make sure you are in the Creative shooting mode, then tap the Continuous autofocus (CAF) icon at the bottom left corner of the viewfinder to switch continuous autofocus off. When the continuous autofocus for video recording is off, the camera uses hyperfocal focus mode.