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Lot of 3pcs 3x RCA Composite Splitter male/2xfemale, gold plated

3pcs RCA Splitter 1xMale/2xFemale
-Gold plated -Free shipping worldwide -Standard international shipping -Posted from European Union country
If You are splitting video and audio signal for USB capture card as like Dazzle, EasyCap or EzCAP device and the other line to Your TV, so this kind of splitter is good for that purpose - just hook those male connectors of the splitters to the female connectors of the capture card and then You need to have only one composite cable (3pcs male RCA connectors in the both ends) between the splitters and the RCA connectors of Your TV. You need 3pcs splitters to split both video (yellow) and audio (red and white) wires.
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