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EasyCAP002 4 Channel DVR Motion Detect

  • Innovative
  • Cost Efficient
  • 4- channel DVR
  • Powerful Software

EasyCAP002 USB 2.0 4Channels DVR

Alarm notification by e-mail with image
Dynamic mask on motion-detection area of multi-camera (one ~ four)
Sound alarm.
Video signal filter, for filtrate Active and Invalid channel.
Signal lost alarm.
Motion Detection.
Adjustable sensitivity.
Automatically lock, while not any operate.
Schedule Monitoring sessions, for timer snap.
Record video/audio(with USB2.0 audio interface), snap shot.
Automatic Space management. Stop recorder or capture still automatically on disk full.
Support 4 Channel Video input on one computer.
Support On Screen Display. Displays date and time, or channel description on video.
Supports manual open/close Invalid channel, or add/delete channel description.
Supports login and logout, by User Name and Password.
Doesn't support 64bit Operating systems

Input: 4 Video / 1 Audio Input.
Output: 1 USB2.0 Output for 4 CH.
Video Resolution: 704x576, 352x288(PAL)
640x480, 320x240(NTSC).
Recorder Media: HDD, USB Disk, ZIP, CD-R/W.
Record Mode: Motion/Sensor/Schedule/Manual.
Network: TCP/IP.

System Requirements:
P4 1.7GHz CPU or above
VGA card with 32MB memory
One available USB 2.0 port
32bit Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista - doesn't support 64bit OS or Windows 7

Package Contents:
EasyCAP002 4 channel USB DVR
USB cable
Quick installation guide

Software and driver CD - Latest drivers from here.
MultiViewer software from here.

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anonymous 7 years ago

I have been trying for about 2 days now to get this to work on my Vista laptop, and it is a huge hassle. I have searched the internet, read 20 different forum threads, downloaded something like 7 different driver packages (including the one on this webpage), and the best I have been able to do is get the device plugged in without my computer saying it doesn't have drivers for it and drivers can't be found (the ones on the CD do not work at all), but it still won't recognize the video capture device attached to the USB easy cap device which is the subject of this review, so it's still useless on my vista laptop. The one I have is the exact same model as the one pictured on this page. It works fine for XP with the enclosed software with very little tweaking necessary, though, although it gives about 1 frame per 6-7 seconds.