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USB 2.0 YPbPr Component Video Capture Card HD AV Grabber

EasyCapExpertti 5 stars EasyCap DC60+ v3.1B and EzCAP116 seller

Sample video captured with VirtualDub with 480i resolution - used UT VIDEO CODEC - resized into HD size

Video capturing from the PlayStation 3 console:

HD AV Grabber can capture max standard definition resolutions 576p (PAL) or 480p (NTSC) video, but You can render captured video to HD size even "On the Fly" at the same time when You start recording if You are using for example free VirtualDub software as like was done with the sample videos on this advertisement.

Note! This component capture card does not support 720p, 1080i and 1080p component HD inputs. Please adjust your video game console or other component A/V device such as blue-ray DVD player to output component video feeds at 480i, 480p, 576i or 576p.

If we compare the quality of the video between component (YPbPr or CPbPr) and s-video or composite capturing so with component (YPbPr or CPbPr) signal You will get richer colors and sharper details than with s-video or composite.

This device has inside the Empia 28285 chipset which supports both 32bit and 64bit Windows XP, Vista and 7. It supports also these newest 60Hz Xbox games as like MW2 and these games comes out with all colors and there is in the TV system menu both 60Hz formats PAL60 and NTSC-433.


$39.99 12 available

***NOTE! EXCEPTION BETWEEN JANUARY 24th - FEBRUARY 5th, 2017-> All the deliveries from China will be sent after the Chinese New Year holidays until after Feb 5th, 2017 - most of the Chinese people are on the vacation 2 weeks and for example China Post is closed.

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Fanatic 6 years ago

If you know how to use it, like with VirtualDub for capture. You can edit your video to this quality on COD MW3 I've mede a capture from my PS3 playing Gran Turismo HD Concept: Very good quality for this price! But don't forget to use a component cable, cable better than the simple composite or s-video. I give 5 stars for this USB HD video & Audio Grabber

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