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VideoGlide license key for Mac (can be sold only with a device)

VideoGlide License Key
EasycapExpertti is an authorized VideoGlideā„¢ dealer

This Genuine VideoGlide license key turns VideoGlide demo version to the full version -
the license key removes manufacturer's water mark on the screen and recording time limitation.
This license key will be sent via email after Your payment.

Download free VideoGlide demo version from here:

It is allowed to sell VideoGlide license key only with a device (rules of the manufacturer,

I can sell that license with EasyCap DC60+, EzCAP116, Dazzle DVC-100, Dazzle DVC-107 & Roxio VHS to DVD.

I have now and then also used devices which I have sold with cheap price (5-15USD)
with VideoGlide license key - ask if I have one at this moment (


VideoGlide software provides support for USB 2.0 video digitizing devices, including
EasyCap DC60+, EzCAP116, the Pinnacle Dazzle DVC-90 and DVC-100, KWorld DVD
Maker USB 2.0, LinXcel Video Grabber, VideoHome GrabBeeX, and others that use
the Empia 28xx USB 2.0 chipset. The software also supports S-Video capture from
some TV tuner devices, including MSI VOX USB 2.0 Analog TV, the Gadmei UTV310,
the Hauppauge WinTV-USB2, the Leadtek WinFast USB2, and the ZEB - TV2005E.
With sufficient USB bandwidth available, it can support multiple capture devices
running simultaneously and includes hardware-accelerated full-screen playback,
duration-based recording, AppleScript support, and support for external audio sources.

The VideoGlide software supports multiple devices, i.e. more than one device can be
plugged in and used at the same time. This is particularly useful with security applications
like Ben Bird's SecuritySpy. It can also allow multiple simultaneous broadcasts from
the same machine using webcam software like Econ Technologies' ImageCaster.
Note that one serial number per device will be required, i.e. to enable 3 devices, 3 serial
numbers must be purchased. Note that a stock machine with no additional USB 2.0
PCI cards can run only two devices simultaneously, and one of those must be at 320 x 240.
Adding USB 2.0 expansion cards can increase the number of devices that can run
simultaneously, and the frame sizes at which they can operate.

Auto-Detect Input And Format allows video sources to be swapped in an and out dynamically
without the need to inform the application that a change occurred. The VideoGlide software
will automatically select the input carrying the video, as well as its format, for example PAL
or NTSC.

When You have installed VideoGlide into Your Mac, so You can use VideoGlide drivers
for example with QuickTime Pro, Final Cut Pro, Debut and SecuritySpy and capture video
straight into these softwares.

VideoGlide tutorial:

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and a video digitizing device.
$14.99 In stock

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